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  Poems of my Daughter



Nicola Rosa Lammiman

© All poems listed here are the copyright of Nicola Rosa Lammiman


Abstract Person


Maybe I’m just an Abstract Person

Maybe I do not appear sane

Who is to know

The workings of my weird mind

Maybe I appear different than I am

Maybe people do not really see me

Who is to know?

The workings of other people’s minds

Maybe I do not see the real people

Maybe I only know the façade

Who is to know

What other people wish to show


 Give me Time


Give me time

Time to live

Time to breathe

Time to be free

I need the time

Time that is mine

Time to laugh

Time to cry

All the World

Needs their own time

Time to one self

So I need time

Give me the time

I need time to be me



View the World


View the World

Through many different angles

Watch the World

Through many different eyes

Try to understand the World

Through many different minds

See the World through many different perspectives

But always remember

That you can never

View the World

Through every angle

Watch the World through everybody’s eyes

Understand the World

Through everybody’s mind

Or see the World in everybody’s perspective

You will always miss





Beauty Inside


Look at Me

You may not like what you see

But look again

This time look into Me

Look into my heart

Now what do you see

A beauty deep inside

Waiting to be free



Suns Up


The suns up

The day’s alive

But I’ll survive




Time and Life


Time is Life, Life is Time

Guard your Time well

As you would guard your Life

Time is a precious thing

As Life is a precious thing

The World revolves around Time

And Time revolves around the World

Time is the spirit of Man

And the spirit of Man is Life


The Past


Don’t dwell on the past

Thinking about the many things

That you did in your life

But  could have been different

Because life goes on

Mistakes can not be changed

And the past will never return

So go forth unto life’s mysteries

Because the future is there

Ready for you and me



Leave Me Be


Everybody cannot be perfect

So don’t pressurise me

I’m not perfect in anyway

So leave me be


I don’t need to be like you

I don’t even want to be like you

If you don’t like me as I am

Then leave me be


Take me as I am

But don’t change me

I don’t want to be changed

Please leave me be


So I’m not perfect

Does that really matter

But I’ve had to accept me

So why not leave me be


You work hard to change me

But do you really need to

What can’t you accept me as I am

And leave me be


I really need to be free

Of all the contrasting people

Who want me to be like them

But I ask leave me be


I’m not a sheep

I don’t want to follow anyone

I want to be an individual

So please leave me be



Painful Romance


I’ve never been in love

But neither have I had

The pain in my heart

I look around at others

Suffering for romance

Do I need that

Can I survive without it

Will I take love if it comes

Will I turn it down

I know not yet

But I can only hope

When it comes

I shall be lucky and find

I have a painless romance



Time is eternal


Time is eternal

It does not expire

It is a constant

Never changing fact

The day can seem fast

The hour could creep

The minute can be agony

A second so sweet

But no matter how time

Appears to fly past

It is a constant

Never changing fact


Sit and Think


I sit and I think

About life itself

What is life for?

What am I here for?

There is no answer

To what life is for

But I am here

To live my life



I didn’t mean to be alone

I didn’t mean to be alone

It was not my intention

The time passed me by

I did not see it go

The days seemed so long

Yet the years raced by

And before I knew it

This was my life

I didn’t mean to be alone

But I can survive










I need to be loved

I need to be adored

I need recognition

For all that I do

Yet still in all this

I need to be alone

I need to be in silence

Left on my own

To wallow in my sorrows

If only I could achieve

The balance in my life

So that I could be me







I can’t adapt my life

I’ve left it to late

I can’t adapt my life

To fit anyone else

I can’t adapt my life

I like it like this

I can’t adapt my life

To live with another

I can’t adapt my life

I’ve become to selfish

I can’t adapt my life

I’ve left it to late


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