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03/18/2009 6:04pm (UTC)[quote]
I have just read this in the English Democrats magazine. 'English Voice'.

Cross of St George – “Deeply Offensive”?
On Sat 21st February 2009 at the Great Western Hotel Exeter, in a meeting room
booked at 2pm The South West English Democrats started their Regional meeting with our party Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, in attendance. The room had various party literature on the tables etc and an English Flag on the window.
At approximately 3pm the door opened and a waitress entered. She stated she was Polish and found the Cross of St George Flag “deeply offensive” and asked us to take it down! The request was naturally disputed and we pointed out that this is the flag of England and we were in England!
The Hotel Manager, a Mr Raj Kaushal, then entered the room and demanded we
remove the St George Flag. He then proceeded to remove it himself. This was photographed by South West Chairman Mike Blundell. (see website)
Robin Tilbrook has now served a Section 65 Race Relations Act Questionnaire to begin legal proceedings regarding Unlawful Discrimination under the Race Relations Act.
Robin, who is a litigation solicitor advises that we may get compensation of £25,000 awarded for unlawful harassment,
The Complaint continues we will publish the outcome.
If any one has witnessed a similar incident or to share your views on this story, please e-mail them to: EditorEV@EngDem.org. Members(especially English Democrats candidates) will be
interested to learn that a seminar about how to deal with instances of anti-English discrimination whether direct(as in this case) or indirect,
together with information enabling such offences to be identified was held earlier this year in January. It is intended to hold another such seminar in
April if sufficient interest is indicated by then.
The Grim Reaper
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03/29/2011 11:15pm (UTC)[quote]
Having joined the forum why am I not allowed to view this topic?
zS4TD5fi (Gast)
11/13/2015 4:47am (UTC)[quote]
Well done, Peter!Taking the first step is always the chlnealge, and I didn't realise when I commented on your post a few days ago your blog was such a newbie'. You write with a good style so I also look forward to your rants and raves! (And I don't always leave such glaring spelling errors I my comments.) Being a perfectionist is something you have to overcome quickly in WordPress comments given no room to edit!



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