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03/23/2009 5:34pm (UTC)[quote]
Claims that a student was told to leave a Polish supermarket because it had a policy to not serve English people are being investigated.

By Daily Telegraph Reporter
Last Updated: 11:29PM GMT 19 Mar 2009

Kaley Leighton, 17, a sixth-form student, claims that she stopped at the Polski Sklep shop in Goole, east Yorks, to buy a drink.
After being asked if she was English, a member of staff allegedly ordered her out of the store.
Polski Sklep has been open for a month and sells traditional foods from the Eastern European nation.
Miss Leighton has lodged an official complaint with her local council.
The health and social care student said: “I went into the shop on my way home from sixth form to buy myself a drink.
“My mother and I always like to try new things so I thought I’d go and try a drink I hadn’t had before.
“Whilst I was in there looking at the drinks the man working in the shop came over and asked me if I was English.
“When I said I was he said to me, 'Get out of my shop’ twice.
“I didn’t know what to do because I was on my own.
“I just said 'OK’ and left. I felt angry, upset and embarrassed and couldn’t believe what had happened.”
A spokesman for East Riding council said: “Humberside Police’s community cohesion officer and the council’s senior policy officer are looking into this and working together to help resolve any issues that may have occurred.”
The proprietor of Polski Sklep, Michail Bak, 23 denied the allegations. He said: I have lots of English people coming in my shop to buy drinks and snacks.
He added: “I don’t turn anyone away from my shop, I serve Russians, Latvians, Brazilians and Portuguese.
“It is a shock for me.”

http://domasionragor.page.tl/Domasion-Ragor-h-s-Rants-and-Raves/cat-1-Reporting-of-Anti_English-Activities.htm#1Well he would say that, wouldn't he!
The Grim Reaper
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03/29/2011 11:16pm (UTC)[quote]
Having joined this forum why am I told that I do not have permission to read this topic?
LvjGx3YK (Gast)
11/13/2015 5:02am (UTC)[quote]
Thanks EW, I think I'll keep it up as long as I can, am kind of going back through the odd one here and there, but if I sopetpd completely think I'd feel like I wouldn't be able to start again! and I'm enjoying it... Uisce - why did you remove that fabulous piece of work? Ah... submitting it for publication already, eh? Can't say I blame you.



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