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The Grim Reaper
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03/29/2011 11:33pm (UTC)[quote]
If the LibDems get away with AV we will all suffer with indeterminate politics, squabbling and a lack of strong, meaningful legislation.
The voting percentage is low in this country.The only reason that the LibDems have any power at all is because the Tories needed them. They would not otherwise have made an impression. Their share of ministerial posts is a disgrace and out of proportion to their MPs and their share of the vote.
If our government could be possibly/probably founded on a share of 50% of 30% is bad enough but to have someone elected who could possibly have only got 5% of the votes cast in the first round is a travesty. Only Australia, Fiji and Papua/New Guinea use AV and the Aussies are unhappy with it.
If we end up with a load of minority candidates from parties such as The Monster Raving Looney Party or the Kick Grandma's Knickers Into Touch Party or Noel's House Party how on earth could the Commons get any legislation through the House? There would be endless bickering and compromises which would inevitably lead to a diminution and dilution of effective government.
God help us. Put the birds back in the AViary or shoot them.



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