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  A Few Observations on the 2010 Election

Thursday, 06 May 2010 – General Election Day 2010

I predict that in the next few weeks, there will be a surge in the numbers of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the UK. This will be in the hope that the Liberal Democrats will succeed in their election promise to declare an amnesty for all immigrants residing in the UK illegally. I also predict that the Lib-Dem & Labour parties will deny that this is true.


Friday, 07 May 2010 – The Day After...

Now that the election has been held, as I suspected, Gordon ‘I’ve signed the pledge that promises Scotland comes first’ Brown is determined to remain in No.10 until he is forced out, kicking and screaming!

 After looking at the results so far, I note that the total votes cast and seats won in England place the Conservatives ahead in Westminster by about 62 seats. (Out of the 650 Westminster seats – 533 are in England) It would seem that the only way Gordon Brown can remain in office now is with the support of the Labour, Lib-Dem, SNP & Plaid Cymru MP’s of Scotland & Wales. (117 seats) And we all know what that will mean. Higher taxes from the English taxpayer to pay for the increased benefits that the MP’s of Scotland and Wales will demand in return for their support! Result: England gets screwed again! 

Fact. Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland voters get a chance to vote twice for those who govern them. Once for an MP in who sits in Westminster and once for a member of their respective assemblies. Voters in England of course only have one chance, and they have to share that chance with the voters in Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland! 

On a separate point - and this might be regarded by some as racist, but... I think it is time that only UK citizens should be permitted to vote in UK elections! If immigrants – including those from the Canada, Australia & New Zealand as well as the rest Commonwealth, wish to have a say in choosing the government of the UK, then they should show their allegiance and commit to this country by applying for and taking British citizenship! Simply living and paying tax here is NOT enough! 

I believe that you should only be able to vote in the country that you are registered to vote in. And that you should only be registered and therefore allowed to vote in that country if you are a citizen of that country. If you move permanently to live in another country then you should become a citizen of that country and lose the right to vote in country you are leaving. Either way, if a person chooses to move permanently out of the country of their birth and chooses not to become a citizen of another country then their right to vote anywhere is forfeited! 

Proportional Representation - A thought.... If parliamentary voting in the UK was under this system – and what sort of PPR it would be is not certain - would the other parties accept that a political party such as the BNP could possibly get a seat in parliament? After all, the BNP did get over 500,000 votes nationally – The Green Party won a seat and they got only 250,000 votes. It is a worrying thought.....

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