Welcome to Domasion Ragor's Website ----- "There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England". ------ (Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

The Majesty of England


© Allan James Lammiman


The majesty of England is a sight to behold

And within its towns and cities stories unfold

From the shores in the east to the hills of the west

The sights of England are amongst the best


From the rivers and the streams that flow to the sea

The fields of green England are a wonder to see

So wherever you may roam you must never forget

The sights of old England are the best of the set

A Summer Days Sun


© Allan James Lammiman


The morning sun of summer floats low in the sky

Its early beams chasing away the night


As the suns rays filter across the land

 The people below awake, arise and dress and start to plan


And as the sun raises ever higher and higher

And its beams spread out across the land like fingers of fire


As time draws on the beams grow longer with the day

And the young children below awake and come out to play


By mid-morning the sun’s ball is full and bright

There above for all to see, and behold what a sight!


By noon the sun is high and its heat soon ablaze

The land below is hot and a wonder to amaze


By afternoon the sun is still full and bright

The summer heat seemingly lasting through till night


By evening the sun at last begins to fall and its rays start to dim

And the young children below are told its time to come in


As night finally comes, the sun it too goes to bed

And all below sleep and rest and that’s all that can be said

Rain, Rain, Rain


© Allan James Lammiman

Rain, rain, rain

Pouring down the drain

First it is a trickle

Dribbling now and again

Then it comes faster

A torrent, a downpour, a flood

A real big pain

The rain, rain, rain


Rain, rain, rain

It really is a pain

If the torrent it becomes a storm

Then a great big flood

Soaking everything and anyone

And covering them in mud

It really is a pain

The rain, rain, rain


Rain, rain, rain

It really is not nice

For rain can soon becomes sleet

And fall like flakes of ice

The snow it can come deeper

And cover the ground in white

But then of course, for some

It can be quite nice


Rain, rain, rain

Of course it can be quite fun

As long don’t stay out in it

An dally for far too long

For then people might start to grumble

Or join in big snowball fights

And jump about in puddles

With their gumboots on


Rain, rain, rain

It can be quite fun

As long as you stay out of it

And wait for the sun

Best to stay indoors

With a hot drink and bun

Than to be cold and wet

Wishing the rain had not begun

Bird Song in the Morning


© Allan James Lammiman


By days early dawn, by a hut next the lawn.

A little bird sat on a log and sang its merry song.

It sang so sweet, and so clear

Its merry little song that everyone could here.


Even the gardener asleep in his bed,

heard the little bird’s chirping above his head.

He awoke with a start and run down the stairs.

Tripped over the step, though not that he cared.


He ran to the hut where the little bird stood,

and took of his boot and threw it for all he could.

“Shut it, you little tike!” he shouted.

“Some people are trying to get some sleep!”

Your Garden

A poem by

© Allan James Lammiman


Gardening is fun when you are outdoors in the sun.

Although it is hard when have only just begun.

You weed and you seed and water all around.

And stand back and enjoy the loveliness of the plants

you have placed in the ground.


And when you think of how grand it will be,

when the sun shines bright and you survey all that you see

Try to remember that life is not always fair,

and that sometimes, you will wonder why you arc there.


And when summer comes and the blooms unfold

Watch out for visitors who arrive untold.

For as have worked hard and long,

so will the dogs, the cats and the mole in the lawn.


So try not to cry if your flowers fad from sight

before the plants have grown to their full height.

For its only because they have succumb to the blight.

or been eaten by a snail or been dug up during a cat fight.


There is always next year to start afresh,

after your have enjoyed a long winters rest.

You can begin again to dig and weed

And to be full of joy when you seed.


So please remember, that though your labours

may be long and tiring,

The back ache soon passes

When your garden’s worth admiring

A Christmas Goose Story


 © Allan James Lammiman


 It was Christmas time at last

And the goose was becoming worried

For the mother of the farmers family,

was continuously being hurried.


She was to prepare a meal, fit for all to come

And how she was to do it was the nub of the problem.

The goose looked high and far, to see what she might cook

But every time the mother gazed out at him,

she took out her large cookbook.


The Christmas meal was to be a large one

And the goose knew what it was.

It involved a bit of stuffing,

and being mounted on a hook!


He hoped in vain that he was wrong

But somehow knew he was right

Oh what a frightful time it is

for a goose before a Christmas night!

Holly, Berries and Mistletoe


© Allan James Lammiman


Holly, berries and mistletoe,

Bags of presents given with a glow.

To little children with lots of hope,

For a Christmas to remember..


Deep at night, when fast asleep,

Being good, their souls to keep.

They and prey that Santa will come

Bringing them joy and lots of fun..


When at last the morning dawns

They jump with glee like little fawns

So happy and joyful, and full of fun

Are the daughters and little Sons.


So if you remember this Christmas rhyme

And try to be good all the time

You will receive the joy of the world

And be happy, cheerful and things will be fine!

Playtime in the Snow


 © Allan James Lammiman


Playing in the snow

On a brisk winters day

Merrily we go,

Singing all the way.


Each and every hour

That passes joyfully by

Fills us full of hope

For that which we enjoy


And when night finally comes

And off to bed we must go

We must be thankful for what we have

For eventually it all will go.

Days Will Pass


© Allan James Lammiman

Days will pass, stories unfold,
But love will continue until you are old.
Even then love will conquer and endure.
So live long and be happy, for ever more.

Brave Little Flower
© Allan James Lammiman

Brave little flower, growing alone,

If someone picks you, will you groan?


© Allan James Lammiman

Journey through time, journey through space.

Journey onward at an ever increasing pace.

Journey in, and journey out,

Journey onward and inward, through and out.

Journey up and journey down,

Journey, journey, round and round.

If you dare to stop or pause,

Remember to journey out of doors.

Journey onward and onward, through galaxies new,

Journey in a circle, back to you.


The England I Love



© Allan James Lammiman



The England I love is one of joy,


It’s green pastures there for all to enjoy.


The leafy lanes and busy streets,


And the babbling brooks and grazing sheep




It’s many shady nooks and sunny parks


That echo to the sound of children’s larks


The music in the pubs and traders in the street


That never ending sound of tramping feet.




These are a few of the things I love best


About the country that is so blessed


So when you leave England in search of the sun


Remember these things, and where you belong.

The Sounds of England

© Allan James Lammiman


The sounds and sights of the England I love best.

Are that of railways, rivers and pastures at rest

The markets, the racecourses and waves at the beach

The rugby, the football and leather at the crease.


The tennis, the bowls and the cheering of the crowd

The strike of the dart, as double-top, it has found

All these are the sounds that are pure

They are the sounds of England,

The sounds that endure

The Country Air


© Allan James Lammiman


The country air is all well and good

Just as long as it is well understood

That the sights and smells that fill the air

Do not necessarily have to be there


The flowers and weeds that line the banks

And the trees and bushes, these we give thanks

But the litter and dog-ends and cans of drink

These just add to the countries stink


The dog mess and the urine that lay on the ground

These are things that should never be found

So take your rubbish home when you go

And don’t litter that that don’t own


Ode to a Landlubber Navy


© Allan James Lammiman


The sky is red

The sea is blue

The land is green

And so is the crew


The waves they are choppy

The surf is all white

The sails are a flapping

As well that they might


The captain he is livid

For the crew is quite green

And the first mate is lazy

And nowhere to be seen!


The ship it is in peril

And the cargo aflame

And the rats are all leaving

Along with grain


The water it is fowled

And the meat all rotten

And where the cook is

Everyone has forgotten


So if you can help it

Stay safely on land

With your feet dry and comfy

And a pint in your hand!

I Listen to Music

I listen to music, though mostly at night

I listen to music more often than I might
In fact I listen to music whenever I can

I’d even listen to music if it was banned


© Allan James Lammiman



You Don’t Have To Be Young To Be Childish


© Allan James Lammiman



You don’t have to be young to be childish

You don’t have to be old to be insane

When you cannot agree with your neighbour

It’s not always him who’s to blame


You don’t have share when you’re older

Nor do you need to give or take

You just need to remember

What you gave out may come back by mistake


And when you’re old and decrepit

And dragging your feet down the lane

Just look back on your life and remember

The days when it was you who was to blame

For England and St.George!
Thought for the Day
Tomorrow is the day you were hoping for yesterday.
England's Claim of Right

I've signed The English Claim of Right

Remember to Fly the English Flag and Wear a Rose on St.George's Day April 23rd
A little bit about myself.
First and foremost I am English.
I am proud to be a member of the
Royal Society of St. George.

I am also a member of the
Royal British Legion and the
United Kingdom National Defence Association (UKNDA).

I was an officer in the Army Cadet Force
for over 25years.

I am a member of the English Democrats Party.

Links to all these organizations can be found in the
web-links section.

I also enjoy writing short stories (nothing published as yet!)
and samples of these are included on this site.
I also have another site devoted to my writings at: http://domasionragor.webs.com/

If I had a motto, it would be:
Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity.
Remember Your Towel!
Don’t Panic!
International Towel Day is
25th May

It can be said that anyone who can hitch the length and breadth of the [world], rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through,
and still knows where his towel is,
is clearly a man to be reckoned with.'
(Copyright: Douglas Adams)
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