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I Foresee a Time....

I foresee a time when the English people will discover the need to prepare for war. The day-to-day creaping onslought of Islamic dictates into our way of life demands it, and unless they start, the English people will wake-up one morning to discover that unless they convert to Islams, they will have no right of worship, no freedom to speak their mind, and no country to call their own.
There will be no Churches, no public houses and no English breakfast. Their day will consist of bowing down to 'allah' five times a day, learning the Qur'an, and a diet of 'halal' food, weather they like it or not. The women of England will have no rights at all, for Shira Law would be forcably imposed with those who dared to defy it condemed to death. An Islamic England will throw this countries long civiliation back a thousand or more years.
To combat this happening the English must be prepared to fight back. This means they will need to start stockpiling weapons with which they can use to defend themselves. (The need for this will outweigh any need to obey any law this country currently has banning the private ownership of a firearm.) 
The English people if they are to survive, will also need to build-up stocks of ammonition and other supplies. They will need to aquire armoured vehicles, tanks and other heavy weapons. They will need transoprt, aircraft and ships. They will need to create strongholds, bases, sea ports and airfields from which they can operate and from where their leaders can safely plan the reclaiming of England for the English and the expulsion of those who would enslave them. 
Above all they will need men and woman who are prepared to fight, and if necessary die in the coming fight for England's freedom against foriegn and Islamic agression.

And remember that Big Brother is watching you.

used to wonder how on earth the Bosnian Serbs could have acted in the way they did against the Muslim Bosniaks during the Bosnian War. The ethnic cleansing was to say the least, inhuman. 
However, given the way the Muslims in the UK have acting of late - demanding we accept shiria law and telling us what we should do, where we should go and what we should eat, that lack of understanding is beginning to diminish.

We the English people hereby beseech those overmany pudh interlopers who tarry in our midst to henceforth depart and return whence they came and so desist in partaking in our deminishing exchequer, for it is no longer fullsome.

I'm sure that if someone said that should a 'certain middle-eastern Prophet' ever return he would spend his time shagging pigs and drinking beer, they would be imeadiately arrested. 


It appears to me that in todays 'Politicaly Correct' driven world, if you are Black, Gay or a Muslim you automatically have 'Human Rights'. If you are White, Hetrosexual or a Christian, you don't.

For England and St.George!
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England's Claim of Right

I've signed The English Claim of Right

Remember to Fly the English Flag and Wear a Rose on St.George's Day April 23rd
A little bit about myself.
First and foremost I am English.
I am proud to be a member of the
Royal Society of St. George.

I am also a member of the
Royal British Legion and the
United Kingdom National Defence Association (UKNDA).

I was an officer in the Army Cadet Force
for over 25years.

I am a member of the English Democrats Party.

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I also enjoy writing short stories (nothing published as yet!)
and samples of these are included on this site.
I also have another site devoted to my writings at: http://domasionragor.webs.com/

If I had a motto, it would be:
Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity.
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International Towel Day is
25th May

It can be said that anyone who can hitch the length and breadth of the [world], rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through,
and still knows where his towel is,
is clearly a man to be reckoned with.'
(Copyright: Douglas Adams)
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