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  The Adventures of Captain Numnuts

The Adventures of Captain Numnuts

And the Crew of the

Starboat Plastered


Its ongoing mission: to travel the length and breath of the galaxy, to seek out new and exotic drinks and consume them and then leave without paying the bill....


Allan James Lammiman

A sample....

Chapter One:

How  the Captain became sober.




Captain Joshua Numnuts (old Piss-up to his crew) was sitting slouched really, in the captains chair behind his desk. His short stubby legs were sprayed out in a half-hearted attempt to maintain his precarious position. A glass of Martian Ale was held loosely in one hand, a gin & orange hypospray in the other. There was a look of indecision on his ruddy face, as if he was undecided as to which he should consume first which indeed he was. He loved Martian Ale it was very refreshing and he desperately needed refreshing, but since he had not had a decent drink in nearly six hours, his body was crying out for a quick alcoholic fix, and the hypo would give him just that. Which when you think about it, was sad. For as you will no doubt discover, the true pleasures in life come mainly from things done unhurried. But, Captain Numnuts was bit of an alcoholic. And it did help him when it came to carrying out his mission. Which was to well youll soon see.

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The Adventures of Captain Numnuts

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